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Started by Ashley McGahee. Last reply by Kevin McBride Dec 3, 2012.

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Comment by Laney Caroline Waters(: on December 7, 2012 at 10:25am

1. Matching
Despierta            brush
cepilllo             wakes up
toalla              blanket
frazada            towel
sa`bana          sheet
dentifrico        toothpaste

7.I need to ___ ___ my clothes.
8. Please _____ your ____.
9. Go make up the ____
10. Will you go to the _______ and _____ a ______.
Word Bank:
Compra                dienteceppilo   
Supermercado   cama
pelo                  limpia

What is the english word for almorzando

a.playing      c.lunch
b.after          d.night

what is the english word for sucien?

a. dirty        c.umbrella
b. blanket   d. broke

What is the english word for torta
a. vegetable      c.cake
b.medical          d. jewlery

What is the english word for carne?

a.dinero   c. supermarket
b.clothes  d. meat

What is the english word for metal?
a. metal        c.young           d.heavy

What is the english word for huelen?
a.foot           c.smell
b.toes          d. summer


-Answer with spanish term
What is the hottest season of the year?

Sour leche is what?

When you get out the shower your body is what?

You climb on top of a house with what?

What do beavers like to eat?


If you pay with a card it goes on what?


If you can't fix it it's what?


Santa brings what for all the good boys and girls?


Costa del mar is most popular for their what?

The most important food in your meals are your what? Why? (2 answers)

Comment by Quincie Watson on December 7, 2012 at 9:30am
Comment by Coleby Smith on December 7, 2012 at 9:28am

Coleby Smith


Q: What is the best place to get heart surgery done out of the 4 answers.

A: Trabajando

B: Escuela

C: Hospital

D: Restewrante


Q: Which of these time of days do most people drink coffee?

A: Manana

B: Mediodia

C: Tarde

D: Noche


Q: What do little kids play with?

A: Anteojas

B: Juguetes

C: Zanahorias

D: Dolares


Q: If you were looking to adopt a baby boy, which answer would you choose?

A: Padre

B: Hija

C: Madre

D: Hijo

Comment by Ayanna Lanee' Brack on December 7, 2012 at 9:23am

Unit3andUnit4TEST.docx My finish COMPLETE copy ^__^

Comment by Parker Lamb on December 7, 2012 at 9:14am
Comment by Joseph Bradly Flanagan on December 7, 2012 at 8:31am

Quick answer translation:

  1. cuarenta=
  2. sincuenta=
  3. sesenta=
  4. abierta=
  5. cerrado=
Comment by Joseph Bradly Flanagan on December 7, 2012 at 8:30am


  1. lento             matching
  2. rapido           people
  3. madera         young
  4. pesada         slow
  5. liviana           wood
  6. iguales         light
  7. mayor          old
  8. joven            speak
  9. habla            fast
  10. personas      heavy
Comment by Brandon Robarge on December 4, 2012 at 11:12am
Comment by Myranda on December 4, 2012 at 11:09am

French test units 3 and 4

Match the French word to the English word:

  1. parpluies            pen
  2. billet                  glasses
  3. lunettes             jewelry
  4. bijoux                towel
  5. serviette             vegetables
  6. savon                 fruit
  7. stylo                  soap
  8. clothing              ticket
  9. fruit                    umbrellas
  10. legumes             clothing

Fill in the blanks with the french word:

    11. little kids like to play with their _________

    12. when people go grocery shopping they go to the ___________

    13. lowes is a ________ store

    14. you get books from the ____________

    15. you get your medicine from the _____________

    16. to watch a play you go to the __________

    17. you go to a stadium to watch a ____________

    18. when you want to watch a new _________ you go to the theater

    19. people love to spend ___________

    20. if you like to write then you need lots of _________

    22. the opposite of fast is _________

    23. the seasons are summer, spring, fall and _________

    24. you wash your pets with _________

    25. you brush your teeth with ____________

    26. to dry off you use a ___________ 

short answer:

    27. an orange vegetable that animals love to eat?

    28. what do people write with?

    29. what do people walk on?

    Essay question:

    30. What are the days of the week?

Comment by brianna yvonne lemay on December 4, 2012 at 9:30am

Spanish test: units 3 & 4

In 1-8 match the Spanish word with the English word.

1. Rico                                                      winter

2. Dedos                                                   fingers/toes

3. Manos                                                  people

4. Otono                                                   delicious

5. Invierno                                                 fall

6. Personas                                              English    

7. Sesenta                                                sixty

8. Ingles                                                   hands

9-14 fill in the blank with Spanish word.

9. The flowers are really pretty and colorful during the ___________.

10. The girl uses her hands when she is ______ to her friends.

11. You put your socks on your _____ before your shoes.

12. You use ______ to wash your hands when they are ______.

13. __________ come in handy when you have trouble seeing.

14. You would need ________ if you want to buy anything at the store.

15- 20 Spanish word to description.

15. What is shinny and comes in different types and women love to have around their neck on their wrists and on their fingers, sometimes expensive, sometimes cheap, but only when fake?

16. What do you lay your head down on to rest at night?

17. You do not want this it is a requirement to live, and is not one thing, but many.

18. You will need this when it's rainy outside so you can keep dry.

19. It’s easy to pay for something that is.......?

20. Opposite of fast and this describes a turtle or a sloth.

21-24 multiple choice

21. The Spanish word for oranges is.

A. Jugo                        B. Naranjas

C. Menos                     D. Obra de teatro

22. The opposite of mojada is

A. Dry                         B. Teeth

C. Towel                     D. Sheet

23. The English word for frazada is

A. Sheet                      B. Toothpaste

C. Blanket                   D. Teeth

24. Cuarenta y nueve in English is

A. 49                           B. 29

C. 43                           D. 50

Essay Question:

Using at least 5 vocabulary words, describe yourself.




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