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America's egg farmers are good eggs, and they're thrilled to help a school in your community! Enter your school for a chance to win a $5,000 educational grant and an egg donation in your school's name to a local community food bank! Five runner-up schools will each receive a $1,000 grant!


Online Giving

Thank you for choosing to support a program or service of the Charter Conservatory for Liberal Arts & Technology. We hope you find this process an easy and secure one. Thank you again for giving!


BI-LO Savings Card

We can earn money simply by shopping at any BI-LO with our Bonus Cards. One percent of our purchases will be given back to our organization. Be sure to present your card each time you shop.

  • If you do not have a bonus card sign up for one free at the customer service center of any BI-LO
  • Customers and organizations must re-enroll each year

For more information go to BI-LO and then enter booster program. Our member number is 8516.

Tyson Project A+

Save your Tyson Project A+ labels off of all your Tyson food products. For each label of we turn in we can earn $0.24 for a maximum amount of $12,000.00 per calendar year. What an easy way for our school to make some money! Just clip & save the Tyson Project A+ labels & turn them into the collection box by the front desk.

to view online

Campbell's Labels for Education

Buy eligible products to save, for more information visit the Campbell site

Boxtops for Education

Clip boxtops and earn cash for CCAT.

Further Information

Boston Butt Sale

See Benji Lewis for information. E-mail:

Bi-Annual Boston Butt sales: We will need volunteers to cook and grills to cook on. We need to sell tickets to know how many boston butts to order. When tickets are available be sure to ask family, friends, & co-workers if they would be interested in purchasing.

Use the yahoo search engine to earn funds for CCAT.

  1. Scroll to the middle of the page and type Charter Conservatory
  2. Click "Verify"
  3. Choose "Charter Conservatory for Liberal Arts & Technology (Statesboro, GA)" from the drop down menu if it doesn't appear in the dialog box.
  4. Search normally

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CNN Student News - 09/04/15

China parades its military might, investigators confirm a piece of evidence from a missing plane, and technologies of tomorrow may help save countless lives.

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